Are you considering an upgrade to American Racing Wheels for your vehicle? Well you’ve come to the right place. 

At Purnell Tyres, we stock around 30 different models of American Racing Wheels and we’ve written this definitive guide to help you with your decision.

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Who Are American Racing?

Before we get started, it’s important to mention that American Racing are a company who initially started manufacturing old-school / muscle car style wheels, however they now also produce 4WD and late model vehicles as well – In this guide we will focus on “heritage” American Racing Wheels. 

Established in 1956, American Racing has been instrumental in most forms of racing. From desert racing to Trans Am racing and drag racing, they have also been featured on famous cars in several mainstream movies. 

Popular Wheel Options

There are several popular options on offer from American Racing Wheels which include: 

Torq Thrust

The “Torq Thrust” from American Racing is one of the most iconic wheels of all time and still remains as a popular choice for car enthusiasts some 60 years after it was first released. 

Initially manufactured from Magnesium, these days they are produced in both a 1 piece cast aluminium version and also a 6061 forged aluminium version. Both of which are superior in strength and more lightweight than Magnesium. Furthermore, they are individually handcrafted made to order depending on the required size, style, fitment and finish. 

Torq Thrust American Racing Wheels


The “Rodder” from American Racing is an eye catching split 5 spoke retro designed car rim which has stood the test of time. 

They feature a smooth lip, small snap in cap and are available in 3 unique types of finish – Chrome, Gloss Black Diamond Cut Lip and Vintage Silver Diamond Cut Lip.

Rodder American Racing Wheels
Rodder American Racing Wheels


The “VN511” is a one-piece version of the exemplary Salt Flash Special rim. This iconic design is perfect for hot rods and slammed old school trucks that do not require the offsets and widths on offer from the two-piece version. 

VN511 American Racing Wheels
VN511 American Racing Wheels

American Racing Wheels from Purnell Tyres

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