Are you considering KMC XD car rims for your pride and joy?

The outstanding XD Series from KMC offer the most premium aftermarket alloy rims available on the market. They have redefined performance both on and off-road since 1995 with a relentless pursuit of style and quality. 

What Are Your Options?

KMC XD rims are available in a large variety of street, sport and off-road options with a unique range of colours. The KMC XD from Purnell Tyres range includes, but is not limited to the following –  

KMC XD122 Enduro

ENDURO by XD Series®. XD Series wheels are legends in off-roading. Their style and performance have made them favourites for off-road racers, rock crawlers and mudders alike. The designs are race-proven and feature an unmatched combination of light weight and durability.

Sizes: 17 & 18
Colours: Matte Black


Robby Gordon is no ordinary name in the racing realm. He has been a successful racer in almost every discipline, but his roots remain true to off-road. Gordon designed the look of the XD131 and XD132, while KMC Wheels incorporated a XD Pro Cap that can be customised with different colour rings that allows its customers to give a personal touch.

Sizes: 17 & 18

Colours: Machined & Black


KMC XD134 Addict

Behind the wheel, a passion for speed and adventure leads to dedication. But for some, it is more. For some, it is an addiction. The Addict 2 is the perfect wheel for these few. An updated version of the iconic Addict, the classic eight-spoked Addict 2 gives you the choice of Matte Bronze, Matte Black, or Matte Black Milled, all with a Matte Black race beadlock inspired lip.

Sizes: 17 & 18

Colours: Matte Black Machined, Matte Black & Matte Bronze


KMC XD135 Grenade

Pull the pin and let it fly! The Grenade OR is primed to completely set off your ride. A split eight-spoke mesh has a powerful, yet respectable style that is both race and street inspired. You can choose Matte Black, Matte Bronze with Matte Black Lip, or Matte Grey with Matte Black Lip. Cast aluminum construction means it can take what the Grenade dishes out.

Sizes: 17, 18 & 20

Colours: Matte Black, Matte Grey Black Lip, Matte Bronze Black Lip & Matte Bronze


KMC XD139 Portal

Designed and built with a purpose in mind, the XD138 Portal is a mid-concave six spoke designed wheel for the die-hard off-road adventure enthusiasts. The XD138 Portal includes debris release slots that are integrated into the wheel and removable SS bolts to compliment Jeeps and small trucks.

Sizes: 17 & 18

Colours: Satin Black & Gloss Black Milled


KMC XD840 Spy II

Customisation has a descendant of the popular XD797 wheel, the SPY II adds debris release slots, removable cap logo and SS bolts giving full sized truck or Jeep JL drivers the ultimate degree of customisation. 

Sizes: 17, 18 & 20

Colours: Black Dark Tint, Black Machines, Gloss Black Machined


KMC XD842 Snare

A play on the double mesh aesthetic, Snare offers a seamless integration of cap and wheel, deep lip design and removable metal components ready for any lifted, leveled truck or Jeep. The new Titanium finish is guaranteed to catch eyes and separate this wheel from the pack.

Sizes: 20

Colours: Satin Black, Gloss Black with Grey Tint


KMC XD844 Pike

Deep lipped wheels are a trend that will not be going anywhere any time soon. A clean and simple deep lip designed wheel with an XD twist, The XD844 is built to last. It is a lightweight 8 spoke design, that includes a channeled lip design and 2-piece Pro cap.

Sizes: 20 & 22

Colours: Black Milled


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