What are Deep Dish Rims?

Deep dish rims refer to wheels with a deeper than usual lip or outer rim, resulting in a more concave appearance. The term is commonly used in the automotive industry to describe a particular style of wheel that has become popular in recent years.

They are typically wider than stock wheels and feature a larger offset, pushing the wheel further out from the vehicle’s hub. This gives the wheel a more aggressive stance and can improve the vehicle’s handling by increasing the tyre’s contact patch.

While deep dish rims were initially associated with muscle cars and other high-performance vehicles, they are now commonly used on many vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and even some exotic sports cars. They are available in various finishes and styles, from classic five-spoke designs to more modern mesh or split-spoke patterns.

What Options are Available?

Here are some of our favourite deep dish wheels – 

Simmons FR1

The Simmons FR1 is a timeless design that offers a classic, bold and modern look. This 5-spoke deep dish design with rivets flowing around the wheel comes in a diverse range of colours including hyper dark, gloss black, satin black, gold, silver and white.

Available from 17″ to 22″ didiameter and up to 9.5″ in width, the Simmons FR1 deep dish rims are suitable for a wide range of vehicles. 

Deep Dish Wheels
Simmons FR1 Deep Dish Wheels in Gold

Formula Mesh 

Formula Mesh deep dish rims are a specific style of deep dish wheel that features a mesh pattern on the face of the wheel. The mesh pattern typically consists of thin, intersecting spokes that create a mesh-like appearance. 

The range of Formula Mesh deep dish wheels is available in gunmetal, silver, gold and gloss black and is suitable for both old-school and modern applications.

Buy Deep Dish Rims
Deep Dish Formula Mesh Rims in Gloss Black on Nissan Cube

King Detroit 

King Wheels are another popular manufacturer of deep dish rim that features a prominent lip. They are popular among automotive enthusiasts who want to give their vehicles a more aggressive and sporty look.

King Detroit deep dish wheels are available in various finishes and styles, including white, black, gold, and a stunning machined face and lip. They feature a modern twist of a classic 5-spoke deep dish design. This wheel is also big brake compatible with HSV and FPV models.

King Detroit Deep Dish
King Detroit in Satin Black on Holden Commodore SS

SSW Phantom

The SSW Phantom is a classic split multispoke design with a generous deep dish. It is available in various colour options including gloss black with a polished lip and full polished with gloss black trimming.

SSW also produce the Raptor and Tuning models which also offer an aggressive and unique deep dish design. 

SSW Phantom Deep Dish Rims
Full Polished SSW Phantom Rims on BMW

Deep Dish Rims from Purnell Tyres

Purnell Tyres is a well-established family business with over 20 years of experience in the automotive parts industry. We stock an extensive range of deep dish wheels to buy securely online or from our store in Waterford, Queensland. 

Our experienced and passionate team of experts can guide you through the decision process to ensure you select the best possible wheel and tyre packages for your specific vehicle and requirements. With interest-free finance options and a 100% fitment guarantee, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with Purnell Tyres.

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