Are you looking for unique luxury alloy performance wheels? Look no further than INOVIT™…

With a unique approach to the alloy wheel market, INOVIT™’s range of wheels offer precision engineering and advanced technology. From their inception in 1998, they have grown from a small home-based business in the Netherlands to a world renowned name for quality, refinement and elegance. 

The range of INOVIT™ wheels include the following: 


As a new addition to the market, Blitz offers a multi-layer and mesh design which has been painstakingly designed to create perfection. Every feature of the Blitz design was strategically integrated and combined to exert a luxurious impression. 

The Blitz range from INOVIT™ are designed specifically for sports sedans and available at 19” and 20” in; Candy Red, Silver Machined Face, Satin Black and Glass Black Dark Tint. 

Inovit Blitz


Another recent addition to the INOVIT™ range is Speed – A sweeping cross-spoke design with multi-layered accents and precision cut-outs. Offering a traditional design with intricate details, Speed is a step above all other 5-style designs available within the market today. 

Speed is available in 19” and 20” sizes and with Gunmetal, Silver, Satin Black and Gloss Black Dart Tint finishes. 

Inovit Speed


Torque is the newest multi-spoke range of luxury wheels from INOVIT™. Considered to be a “connoisseur’s dream” this range combines a modern-classic look with a high attention to detail.

Select from 19” and 20” sizes that are available in several eye-catching finishes including; Candy Red, Silver, Satin Black, Gloss Black Dark Tint and Gunmetal.

Inovit Torque


The Rotor range of rims from INOVIT™ offer a sleek 5 spoke design with intricate detail at the centre. They feature multi-layered spokes with a uniquely stunning ball cut on the side. 

This simple, yet sophisticated design is set to become an instant classic in the luxury wheel market. The Rotor range of wheels are available at 20” and 22” in Black Machined Face Side Milled Satin Dark Tint and Silver Machined Face Side Milled Satin Lacquer.

Inovit Rotor


The Turbine from INOVIT™ is a direction wheel featuring a deep concave rear that is sure to grab your attention. Available with staggered fitment requirements, this eye-catching car rim is destined to set the standard for luxury wheels for many years to come. 

At 20” the Turbine is available in Gunmetal Machined Faced, Silver Machined Faced, Glass Black Dark Tint, Satin Gunmetal and Satin Black.

Inovit Turbine


Thrust is the one of the most striking mesh-style wheels available on the market. Combining a cross-spoke structure and new multi-layer design language, this wheel appears larger than it actually is – a feat that only INOVIT™ can achieve. 

Select from Silver and Satin Black finishes at 19”and 20” sizes.

Inovit Thrust


The Vector boasts an aggressive yet stylish design with a straight cut inner barrel, radical concave profile, exquisite chamfered spokes and a high weight rating. 

The open face design is ideal for vehicles with large brake systems allowing you to accentuate them. Vector is available at 19” and 20” sizes and with a Silver and Satin Black finish.

Inovit Vector


The Haste features 10 opulent cross-spokes that are buried within the dished stainless steel rim. Constructed using cutting edge computer numerical controlled technology, this sumptuous set of rims are ultra light yet super strong. 

Haste is available in a Gloss Black with Chrome Lip and at 19” and 20”.

INOVIT™ Wheels from Purnell Tyres

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