Holden Special Vehicles

HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) was a range of performance cars manufactured by Holden, a General Motors (GM) subsidiary in Australia. HSV cars were essentially modified and enhanced versions of Holden vehicles, designed to deliver superior performance, styling, and handling.

Holden announced the end of local manufacturing in Australia in 2017, marking the end of an era for Australian car manufacturing. The completion of local manufacturing saw a spike in their popularity and collectibility. This recent trend has seen a significant increase in their value, to a point where some popular models in mint condition are now valued over several hundred thousand dollars. 

HSV wheels have also seen a similar rise in popularity and demand, with numerous high-quality aftermarket options now available for Holden and other car enthusiasts. 

HSV Wheels

HSV Wheels come in various styles, from the 1980s iconic Walkinshaw five-spoke HSV rims to the modern 20” VF R8 Clubsport style HSV wheels. Here are a few popular versions of reproduction HSV wheels available at Purnell Tyres –

19” & 20” Aero Machined and Gloss Black

Although not technically an HSV, the 1985 Holden Commodore VK SS Group A is still seen as one of the toughest and most revered first-gen commodores ever made. The distinctive blue colour and aero-style rims offer one of Australian manufacturing history’s most unique and unparalleled styles. These distinctive HSV wheels are available in 19” and 20” with a machined and gloss black finish. 

HSV Rims

22” Walkinshaw Style Silver Machined Lip & Gloss Black HSV Rims

As the original HSV, the VL Walkinshaw is still an iconic fan favourite some 30+ years after production. These HSV rims are available in impressive 22×9″ and 22×9.5″ widths with a wide range of offsets to suit VB to VF commodores, including HSV models with big brakes. Walkinshaw HSV rims are the perfect choice for “old-school” Holden fans.

Walkinshaw HSV Wheels

20” VF SV Rapier Style Shadow Chrome HSV Wheels

These modern VF Commodore style replica HSV rims are a one-piece cast aluminium wheel available in 20×8.5″ and 20×9.5″ widths. The shadow chrome effect provides a unique gunmetal finish with a darker appearance than standard chrome wheels. These replica HSV wheels are the perfect option for modern performance vehicles that want to stand out from the crowd.

VF HSV Wheels

20” VF R8 Style Gloss Black 

The VF Clubsport R8 features an impressive 6.2L supercharged LSA engine with a massive 410kW power. This street-legal beast was synonymous with big wheels, brakes and exhaust systems that could not be ignored. These replica VF R8 style HSV wheels suit VB to VF Commodores and offer a striking look and aggressive stance.


HSV Wheels from Purnell Tyres

Purnell Tyres specialises in industry-leading wheel and tyre packages for car enthusiasts all over Australia. With a focus on old-school and muscle cars, we have a package to suit every make, model and style of performance vehicle. 

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