Pro Drag Wheels is an Australian manufacturer of visually striking and awe-inspiring rims that enhance the appearance of a wide range of vehicles. Whether you own an old-school classic, a modern muscle car, a racing vehicle, a Japanese-spec ride, a timeless classic, or an Aussie muscle car, Pro Drag Wheels are designed to impress.

With a vision to bring the performance-driven engineering of drag strip wheels to everyday vehicles, Pro Drag Wheels offer the perfect fusion of style and functionality. Your daily driver deserves the same performance and attention to detail as a dedicated racing machine.

Combining cutting-edge design with superior engineering, Pro Drag Wheels are aesthetically pleasing and designed to deliver optimal performance on any road. Elevate your vehicle’s look and experience the thrill of our wheels, created to transform your everyday driving into an extraordinary journey.

Pro Drag Wheels Australia


Pro Drag Wheels’ black or polished lip design effortlessly complements every vehicle colour. Black and polish are timeless neutrals that enhance the appearance of any colour, giving your ride a touch of elegance with a racing-inspired twist.

These wheels have been meticulously crafted, taking inspiration from race and drag wheel aesthetics and bringing them to the realm of street-legal driving. Their expert engineers have ensured that each wheel embodies a professional, exclusive class look, paying meticulous attention to every detail and finish. 

You can proudly showcase your prized possession with Pro Drag Wheels, knowing they have been designed to perfection, combining the thrill of racing with the sophistication of street driving.

Pro Drag Wheels have become synonymous with excellence in Australia’s thriving street muscle scene. These wheels perfectly complement the Australian market, especially the new-age Mustangs, which have been turning heads with their sleek look and the distinctive combination of a small lip front and a deep-dish rear.

What sets our wheels apart is their ability to harmoniously blend with both modern curves and the timeless appeal of straight-line classics. Unlike other wheels on the market, which cater exclusively to modern or classic vehicles, our design bridges the gap, offering a versatile and captivating option that caters to both aesthetics.

To ensure perfection, six months were dedicated to meticulously crafting and approving the design of these wheels. The manufacturer understands the significance of creating an automotive piece of history that will stand the test of time in the Australian landscape. The result is a wheel that captures the essence of Australian automotive culture, destined to be cherished for many years.

Pro Drag Rims


The manufacturing process of Pro Drag Wheels has been perfected to create custom, high-end fitments in a cast wheel finish. The Pro Drag Wheels team excels in producing fitments and offsets that were once considered costly and exclusive, bringing them to you at an exceptional value.

Pro Drag Wheels undergo a meticulous CNC machining process to ensure the utmost precision and attention to detail. Each wheel is expertly etched with custom lettering and features intricate milling on the spokes and centre bore. These distinctive touches elevate the aesthetics of the rims, setting them apart from all imitations.

Value for Money

Pro Drag Wheels takes immense pride in offering customers a cost-effective solution that saves them thousands of dollars. With readily available custom fitments, there’s no need to endure long waiting periods of weeks or months for expensive custom wheels. They have revolutionised the industry by making high-quality, tailor-made options accessible daily.

Experience the pinnacle of style and performance without breaking the bank. The Pro Drag Gloss Black wheels, adorned with exquisite diamond-cut milling, are poised to transform your driving experience. Embrace the uniqueness of our meticulous craftsmanship and make a statement that stands out from the crowd.

Offset & Fitments

The versatility of the PCD stud pattern fitments, combined with an extensive range of offsets spanning from negative to positive, has garnered resounding success among Australian car enthusiasts. They have enthusiastically embraced these options, tailoring their vehicles to their specifications.

The wheel sizes cater to a wide range of preferences. From the compact 16×9 to the 17×4.5 front runner and expanding to the impressive 22×12 -50 super deep lip, they ensure a size to suit every need in the Australian wheel market. This comprehensive range allows us to meet the demands and desires of wheel enthusiasts nationwide.

International Popularity

The demand for Pro Drag Wheels has not been limited to Australia alone; it has extended overseas. The wheels’ incredible construction, appearance, and tactile experience have captivated audiences worldwide. They have been hailed as groundbreaking wheel design achievements, unlike before.

The 20×8.5 and 20×10 have emerged as the most popular choices among the various sizes. Additionally, the 16×9 is highly favoured for drag racing, specifically for semi-slick tire fitments. These sizes have gained immense traction due to their performance and aesthetic appeal, further solidifying their reputation in the industry.

Pro Drag Wheels from Purnell Tyres

Purnell Tyres is a well-established family business with a solid foundation spanning over 15 years in the automotive industry. Our unwavering commitment revolves around exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional products that combine uncompromising quality with affordability.

At the forefront of full vehicle customisation, we continuously strive to push boundaries and redefine vehicle styling. Our specialists are dedicated to setting new trends and creating innovative designs that capture the essence of individuality and personal expression.

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