Koya Wheels were introduced to the Australian market in 2000. Since its inception, Koya Wheels has been at the forefront of technology and innovation, with several notable milestones and achievements, including – 

  • 2002 – Introduction of staggered fitment to the Australian market
  • 2003 – Introduction of INOX stainless steel lip to the Australian market
  • 2004 – Release of “DRIFT TEK” as Australia’s first drift wheel
  • 2007 – Release of the “INSERT” stainless steel insert in the spokes
  • 2009 – Release of the new “INOX” rim with massive brake clearance
  • 2010 – Release of the fully customised P.C.D and OFFSET system to suit your ride
  • 2011- Introduction of “INOX” replaceable & paintable lip (worldwide patented)
  • 2012 – Release of concave spokes style & two-tone black and white finished
  • 2014 – Introduction of FlowForming wheel and named as semi-forged
  • 2017 – Started 1-piece forged custom wheel and has own powder coating facility
  • 2018 – Started 2 Pieces Forged Wheels

A Lifetime Limited Structural and 1-Year Finish Warranty accompany all Koya Wheels. Here are some of the most popular styles –

Koya SF10

SF10 Koya Wheels are available in 19” and 20” as a semi-forged lightweight flow-form alloy rim. With an 850kg load rate at 19” and a 950kg load rate at 20”, custom PCD, offset, and a centre bore, this is a strong and durable rim designed for road use within Australia. The SF10 is available in standard and premium colours, including but not limited to – gloss black, goldtastic, limelite green, orange glow and more.

Koya SF10 Wheels
Koya SF10 in Goldtastic

Koya SF13

The SF13 is available in 18” as a semi-forged (custom fit) rim that is made to order. Designed specifically for Australian conditions, this lightweight rim is suitable for both road and track use and is big brake compatible. Select from a huge range of standard and premium colours including but not limited to – dye cast blue, astatic red, satin copper, ultra black chrome and more.

Koya Wheels SF13
Koya SF13 in Gloss Silver

Koya SF15 Drift Tek

The SF15 is available in 17” and 18” as a semi-forged (custom fit) rim that is made to order. This lightweight flow-form alloy wheel is designed for track and road use in Australia. Select from a massive range of colours, including but not limited to – gloss bronze chrome, midnight purple, pink, ultra black chrome and more.

Koya Wheels SF15
Koya SF15 in Gloss White

Other Popular Styles of Koya Wheels

Some other popular styles of Koya Wheels, which are all available in standard and premium colours, include – 

  • Koya SF01 – 18” 
  • Koya SF02 – 17” 
  • Koya SF03 – 18” 
  • Koya SF04 – 19” and 20” 
  • Koya SF05 – 18” 
  • Koya SF04 – 19” and 20” 
  • Koya SF07 – 19” and 20”
  • Koya SF08 – 19” and 20” 
  • Koya SF09 – 19” 
  • Koya SF11 – 19” and 20” 
  • Koya SF12 – 20”

Koya Wheels from Purnell Tyres

Purnell Tyres are Australia’s predominant supplier of Koya Wheels. With a workshop in Waterford, situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, our team consists of experienced professionals passionate about tyres and wheels. 

Our range of Koya Wheels is available to buy online using our secure online shop, where you’ll also find hundreds of other industry-leading brands and styles. With super-fast delivery, interest-free finance and Australia’s best prices on wheels and tyres, you’re in good hands with Purnell Tyres. Check out our range of wheels and tyres, or give us a call on (07) 3200 2531 to discuss your requirements.

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