Federal Tyres is a manufacturer that was established in Taiwan in the 1950’s. During the late 1900’s they cooperated with both Bridgestone and Dunlop Tyres, whereby they gained the technical capabilities and expertise to produce their own reputable range of on and off road tyres today. 

They currently have more than 182 distributors throughout 121 countries, and have forged a solid reputation for manufacturing innovative, durable and value for money tyres to suit everything from motorsport to SUVs, 4WDs and standard passenger vehicles. 

Federal Tyres Xplora Range

The Xplora range of Federal Tyres are designed specifically for 4WD and SUV owners who are looking for the perfect balance of both on and off road handling, durability and quiet rides. 

Federal Xplora A/P Range

The A/P Xplora range from Federal is the entry level tyre that is perfect for SUVs and 4WDs that are used for both everyday commuting and mild off road weekend adventures. 

Combining adequate handling with optimised tread wear and excellent grip in all weather, the Federal A/P range is ideal for family vehicles that occasionally want to venture off road. 

Federal Xplora A/T Range

The new A/T range of Federal Tyres is the ideal all-terrain tyre for both light trucks and SUVs. Next generation compounds provide excellent durability and stone ejectors prohibit sharp stones from sticking to the surface and piercing the structure of the tyre. 

The 4 main grooves provide excellent traction in the wet with their straight and jagged design and slanted lateral grooves. While the tie bar in shoulder areas lowers noise and provides a more comfortable ride at high speeds. 

Federal Xplora M/T Range

Boasting a wild hooked shape tread design, the Federal Xplora M/T range is designed to dominate all terrain trails and muddy wetlands. They offer heightened driving force while eradicating tyre block deformation to create maximum off road grip. 

The staggered shoulder blocks combine brutal aesthetics with the ability to dislodge mud and dirt for ultimate off road traction. High-tensile compounds create resistance to fatigue, cracks and cuts, while the tie bar, multi-pitch tread designs and randomised tread block size/shape reduce noise. 

Federal Xplora R/T Range

A step up from the A/T range, the R/T offers almighty off road performance with a graceful balance of roadside manners. Combining modern style with intense durability and diminished noise on road, the Federal R/T range will stand up to just about any off-road adventure.

The combination of tread block alignment, advanced placement of tread sipes, and optimised tread pitch variation offers decreased noise along with a smoother and more comfortable ride. 

The open shoulder grooves allow the tyres to clean themselves by dispersing water, mud, dirt or off road debris. While the enhanced fatigue resistant tread protects the tyres from chips and cuts. 

Federal Tyres from Purnell Tyres

Purnell Tyres can supply and fit the full range of Federal Tyres from our workshop in Waterford, Queensland. They’ll also shortly be available to buy online from our eStore which offers interest free finance and delivery throughout Australia. 

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