Introducing Street Pro Wheels, the new standard in the muscle car scene. With over a decade of experience, Street Pro Wheels have been the go-to choice for street-legal wheels that perfectly complement custom street rods and Australian muscle cars. Engineered for peak performance and durability, Street Pro Wheels exude a timeless style that captures the essence of classic aesthetics. They effortlessly enhance the look of any muscle car, whether cruising the streets or tearing up the strip.

Experience the unmatched quality and unmatched style of Street Pro Wheels. Elevate your muscle car to new heights with our meticulously crafted wheels, built for performance and designed to turn heads wherever you go.

Street Pro Wheels undergo rigorous testing, adhering to the stringent global Japanese Light Alloy Wheel (JWL) standard and earning approval from VIA. Additionally, they are DOT certified, ensuring their legality on the streets of most countries.

LJ Torana with Street Pro Wheels
Flared LJ Torana with 005 Series Street Pro Wheels

Australian-made Street Pro Wheels are currently available in three styles – 

002 Series Street Pro Wheels

The Street Pro 002 Convo Pro is the ultimate game-changer in the world of modern muscle cars. These wheels have redefined industry standards with their groundbreaking design featuring convoluted 5-spokes. Crafted from a single lightweight casting using cutting-edge techniques for enhanced strength and reduced weight, they offer a visually stunning solution that complements any street or drag-strip-ready vehicle.

Available in 15”, 17” and 18” sizes, the 002 Series Street Pro Wheels come in sleek black and a recently introduced highly polished finish with options for a beadlock design, guaranteeing a flawless aesthetic match for all modern muscle cars.

002 Street Pro Wheels

005 Series Street Pro Wheels

The Convo Pro 005 Series wheel is the pioneering addition that propelled Street Pro Wheels into the forefront of the automotive wheel market! These wheels have revolutionised the industry with their innovative design featuring convoluted 5-spokes. Crafted from a single lightweight casting using state-of-the-art techniques for reinforced strength and weight reduction, they offer an enticing solution that perfectly complements any street or drag-strip-ready vehicle.

Available in 15” and 17” sizes and boasting a stunning, highly polished finish, these wheels will elevate the appearance of all modern muscle cars!

005 Street Pro Wheels

007 Series Street Pro Wheels

The iconic Street Pro Auto Drag 007 Series wheels are designed to capture that famous, timeless look! These classic muscle car wheels are crafted using an advanced technique called flow-forming, allowing for a single-piece construction from high-quality aluminium. This results in an exceptionally lightweight yet incredibly robust wheel. During the flow-forming process, pressure is applied to the inner barrel of the spinning wheel after casting, significantly enhancing its load-bearing capacity and impact resilience compared to conventional cast wheels.

To enhance their everlasting charm, these wheels are available in 15” and 17” sizes and come in a choice of brushed aluminium or satin black finishes.

007 Street Pro Wheels

Street Pro Wheels from Purnell Tyres

Purnell Tyres can source, supply, fit and ship the entire range of Street Pro Wheels Australia-wide. As a small family-owned business, we are passionate about customer service and strive to provide Australia’s best prices on tyre and wheel packages all year round. 

Visit our online store to search over 800 styles of car rims and tyres, which are available to order online using our secure store. With buy now, pay later finance and fast delivery, Purnell Tyres have forged a reputation as the go-to source for many muscle and street car enthusiasts all over the country.

If you live in Queensland, you can visit our workshop in Waterford, where we also offer wheel repairs, suspension upgrades, body kits, window tinting and more!

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